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The Northern Territory Library has used a wide range of resources to research and compile the biographies contained in this Roll of Honour. The wealth of archival material now available online provides researchers with unprecedented access to key documents related to the bombing of Darwin. Our comprehensive list includes all sources of information used, both print and electronic, from collections held by the Northern Territory Library and by national and NT Archives, museums and other organisations.

Library staff also wishes to acknowledge the valuable assistance provided by local history groups, archivists and families of these men and women who sacrificed their lives in Darwin on 19 February 1942.

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National Archives of Australia

Series no. A705 Control symbol 163/90/235, Casualty, repatriation Leonard Arthur Barton
Series no. A705 Control symbol 163/160/175, Casualty, repatriation Albert Victor Leske Schulz
Series no. A705 Control symbol 163/162/290, Casualty, repatriation Robert Frederick Simons
Series no. A9300 Control symbol Tindal A.R., Service Record Archibald Robert Tindal
Series no. A9301 Control symbol 18368, Service Record Leonard Arthur Barton
Series no. A9301 Control symbol 20361, Service Record Francis Neaylon
Series no. A9301 Control symbol 26040, Service Record Robert Frederick Simons
Series no. A9301 Control symbol 28222, Service Record Albert Victor Leske Schulz
Series no. A9301 Control symbol 45738, Service Record Stanley George Smith
Series no: AWM78 Control symbol 400/2 RAN Administrative Authority - Darwin Naval Base (HMAS MELVILLE): Reports of Proceedings [war diary]
Series no. B2455 Control symbol Conanan, R, Service record Ricardo Conanan
Series no. B883 Control symbol NX70211, Service Record Margaret Augusta De Mestre
Series no. B883 Control symbol VX68883, Service Record Boyns Hedley Hocking
Series no. D955 Control symbol PC 1986/848, Air Raid on Darwin Post Office, 19 th February, 1942
Series no: D1976 Control Symbol SB1942/163 Nominal roll hospital ship 2/1 'Manunda'
Series no. E114 Control symbol 1942/94 PART 1 Darwin Enemy Air Raids - Damage caused by Enemy Aircraft - Miscellaneous Correspondence
Series no. E1538 Control symbol 3, Cemeteries - [Darwin]
Series no. F1 Control symbol 1942/364, Darwin Raids - Casualty Lists & Enquiries
Series no. MP238/3 Control symbol 1/701/276, Transport wharf labourers to Darwin, December, 1941
Series no. MP456/4 Control symbol 1943/120, Casualty “Don Isidro” bombed and sunk
Series no. MP508/1 Control symbol 51/701/48, Darwin casualties
Series no. MP742/1 Control symbol 51/1/140, Casualties at Darwin
Series no. MP1049/5 Control symbol 2026/16/538, 2/1 Hospital ship Manunda, Darwin casualties resulting from air raid on 19 th & 20 th Feb. 1942
Series no. SP1133/2 Control symbol 1942/10/284, Claim for the property of a deceased seaman who has left no will [Keith Davern ex Zealandia]
Series no.  SP290/2 Control symbol 1941/MANUNDA/4 HMAS MANUNDA official log book 20 September 1941 - 5 November 1942 [Volumes 1 and 2]
Series no.  SP290/2 Control symbol 1941/ZEALANDIA/4, ZEALANDIA official log book 29 October 1941 - 19 February 1942

Northern Territory Archive Service

F77 1/42 - Commissioner of Police, correspondence file - Darwin miscellaneous
F77 76/46 - Commissioner of Police, correspondence file - George Michael
F77 120/44 - Commissioner of Police, correspondence file - George Michael
NTRS 226 TS 749 - Typed transcript of oral history with Margaret Litchfield
NTRS 226 TS 749 - Typed transcript of oral history with Lydia de Julia
NTRS 1402 - Copyprints of RAAF aerodrome during the Second World War and the opening of Latham Club, Tindal Base, 1989
NTRS 1442 - Correspondence describing death of brother Phillips Stonham Latham, during the Second World War bombing raid on Fenton airfield
NTRS 3623 27/1945 - Probate files - Francisco Augusto Chavez
NTRS 3623 29/1946 - Probate files - George Michael
NTRS 3623 31/1949 - Probate files - Andrew John DeJulia

Northern Territory Department of Legislative Assembly – Parliamentary Education Services

1999/00202 - PROPERTY MANAGEMENT - Exhibitions - Artwork - Post Office Bombing Memorial Tribute
1999/00653 - PROPERTY MANAGEMENT - Exhibitions - Artwork - Post Office Bombing Memorial Tribute
2000/00052 - PROPERTY MANAGEMENT - Exhibitions - Artwork - Post Office Bombing Memorial Tribute
2000/00095 - PROPERTY MANAGEMENT - Exhibitions - Artwork - Post Office Bombing Memorial Tribute


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Other Resources

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Unpublished Manuscripts

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