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HYNES, John Edward


Ships docked at Darwin Wharf.

John Hynes, born in Britain, came from Innisfail, north Queensland and was the secretary of the waterside section of the union. He was working with the No. 3 wharf gang on the day of the bombing raid. Five gangs were working on the wharf that day: No.s. 17, 18, 1, 2 and 3. As Secretary, Hynes had in his pocket the only comprehensive list of men who were working on the wharf that day; the list that had been posted at the wharf only contained the numbers of the gangs, not the names of the workers. It was for this reason that the union was unable to provide relatives with accurate information regarding who had been lost.

Hynes was thrown into the sea by a bomb blast. He died on 24 February 1942 aboard the Hospital ship Manunda, and was buried at sea at 10:00 am the following day at lat. 26°20’ S. Long 112° 07’ E.

In a police probate document dated 2 April 1945, Hynes was recorded as having three sisters: Annie Isabella Davis, Mary Margaret Flannagan and Eileen Monica Hynes; and three brothers, Michael James Hynes, Thomas Patrick Hynes and Joseph Gerald Hynes.

A notice for Hynes was posted in the Courier Mail on 24 February 1943, credited to Bob and May Antony and family:

Not dead to us who loved you dear
Not lost but gone before;
You live with us in memory still,
And will forevermore

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