Northern Territory Government

Roll of Honour

SPAIN, Catalano


Ships docked at Darwin Wharf.

Catalano Spain was a labourer on the Darwin Wharf who lived in McMinn Street. He was married to Ricardo Conanan's sister Gertrude. He was on the No. 3 gang, which was working on the Neptuna on the day of the bombing. Spain was machine-gunned and his body hurled into the harbour by a bomb blast.

There was great difficulty in finding and identifying the bodies of the victims, if they could be found at all, and delays in this process meant that it often fell to evacuees from Darwin to give the bad news to the families down south, before the authorities made contact. Raymond Brooks, Spain’s son-in-law, was evacuated from Darwin to Sydney. There he was met by his wife, and he had the tragic task of breaking the news that her father had been killed.

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